Real results, rooted in the Science of Reading: èAV success stories

The Science of Reading is all about the evidence we have of how our brains learn to read. We also have evidence that it works—not just from science, but from real èAV educators using it to transform their classrooms every day.

“When we were looking at the products... no other vendor provided the suite of products together. And that is what we were looking for... So from our perspective, [èAV's literacy suite] met our needs because it aligned and provided us the best suite of products. And hands down, we couldn't find anybody else who touched that.”

—Nicole Peterson, PreK-8 Director
Sampson County Schools, North Carolina

èAV + North Carolina: The power of a Science of Reading curriculum

Discover how Sampson County, North Carolina, schools use èAV’s early literacy suite based on the Science of Reading to unlock the magic of reading for their students—and ensure results.

Sparking literacy success in Tennessee

Learn how Tennessee uses èAV programs to change lives and create new futures for kids every single day.

On-demand roundtable discussions

Learn how you can start making the shift to improved literacy instruction with the Science of Reading right now by hearing from educators across the country who used èAV programs and saw incredible results.

A woman and a young boy engaging with a reading program on a tablet in a classroom setting.

Elementary ELA Educator Roundtable

Two young girls, one with braided hair, using a laptop together in a classroom focused on early literacy with other students in the background.

Supplemental Reading Educator Roundtable

Four diverse colleagues engaging in a discussion at a table with papers and pens in a bright office about science of reading results.

Assessment & Intervention Educator Roundtable

Two teenage boys and a female teacher using a laptop together in a classroom, with educational posters focused on the science of reading curriculum in the background.

Middle School ELA Educator Roundtable

An illustration of an orange award ribbon featuring a central star, flanked by two blue banners each adorned with a yellow and blue star, symbolizing early literacy achievements.

èAV Science of Reading Star Award Winners Panel—K–8 Literacy and Reading Supplemental Program

Two women smiling and working together at a desk with a laptop and notebook in an office decorated with posters about the science of reading curriculum.

The Importance of Dual Language Assessment & How to Deliver It

Illustration of diverse individuals engaged in various activities: a woman meditating, an astronaut pair in space, a person sketching outdoors, and a child reading from a science of reading curriculum under a tree

èAV CKLA Knowledge Building—K–5 Core Knowledge Language Arts Curriculum

Teacher with a tablet discussing early literacy with two attentive schoolgirls wearing blue uniforms in a classroom.

Boost Reading Customer Panel—K–5 Personalized Reading Curriculum and Program

A teacher gesturing while explaining a lesson from a science of reading curriculum to attentive elementary students in a classroom filled with educational posters.

èAV CKLA Customer Panel—K–5 Core Knowledge Language Arts Curriculum

Collage with four images: an open book icon on blue symbolizing a science of reading curriculum, a young black girl listening, an adult and child engaged with a smartphone, and a stylized ear

mCLASS Customer Panel—K–6 Literacy Systems and Support

Newsletter module image of kids having independent device time in the classroom

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